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5 top reasons to schedule your holiday window cleaning now

Whether you host large holiday parties or prefer to celebrate with just your immediate family, knowing that your home looks clean and attractive can make your gatherings more enjoyable. On that front, one task that’s easy to overlook is holiday window cleaning. Having sparkling clean windows can make your whole house seem brighter and more […]

What are the best ways to lift deep carpet stains?

Carpet is one of the most popular and versatile types of flooring used in homes today. It is comfortable, attractive, and fashionable. It is also relatively quick and easy to clean if you’re just dealing with minor dirt and debris. However, as every homeowner knows, liquid spills and deep carpet stains can be more challenging […]

Here are the best ways to care for carpet pet stains

It’s a moment of horrific realization for any pet owner. Typically, you smell it before you see it: your dog or cat has relieved themselves somewhere they weren’t supposed to. If your home has carpets, pet waste can cause a number of problems, ranging from lingering odors to changes in texture and color. While immediate […]